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We’re delighted to be collaborating with Muhdo for the European Society of Preventive Medicine – ARK Partnership Launch Event taking place on 27th September 2023. 

Our bodies truly hold valuable information about our health and wellbeing, but uncovering these insights hidden within our cells has posed a significant challenge. Now, with the aid of cutting-edge technologies for decoding and analysing this unique health data, we have the opportunity to develop highly personalised programmes to help individuals achieve their health objectives.

Muhdo is dedicated to the mission of enhancing and extending lives by providing comprehensive support and guidance [1]. As leaders in genetic and epigenetic testing, their innovative approach, combined with advanced data analytics, is designed to optimise users’ health across all stages of life. Whether you’re a new parent, a busy professional, or someone committed to maintaining health in later years, Muhdo is here to empower your journey to a healthier, happier, and longer life.

Unlocking the Power of DNA and Epigenetic Testing for Lifelong Health

What is DNA and use of DNA testing

DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is the double helix molecule that houses the intricate set of instructions needed to construct and maintain your body. Think of it as the master blueprint that orchestrates the creation of every component, from your eye colour to the enzymes digesting your lunch.

Within your DNA, there are countless variations known as alleles. These alleles influence various traits, like how your body processes nutrients or responds to exercise [2]. Muhdo’s DNA Health kit can provide personalised insights and recommend recipes and exercise routines that match your unique genetic profile and align with your health objectives [3].

This preventive medicine approach, leveraging the insights embedded in your DNA to create a truly personalised health plan, can help increase your healthspan, the length of time you remain in good health, and enhance your overall quality of life. 

What is the epigenome and use of epigenetic testing

Whilst your DNA plays an important role in determining your health status and can inform on the most effective lifestyle modifications according to your unique biological makeup, there is another layer to this story – the epigenome. 

The epigenome, or epigenetic profile, is a dynamic collection of tags sitting above the genome, attached to DNA, which have the power to activate or deactivate specific genes. Your epigenetic profile functions as a control panel that upregulates or downregulates the creation of certain proteins, coded for by your genes, in response to your life experiences, lifestyle choices, and environmental factors. 

Furthermore, these epigenetic modifications can be passed down through generations, ultimately aiding the body in evolving and adapting to its surroundings more swiftly than the gradual processes of natural selection and traditional evolution, which span across multiple generations.

When you experience stress, eat certain foods, or engage in regular physical activity, these actions leave marks on your epigenome. These marks can either enhance or inhibit the expression of specific genes, impacting various aspects of your physiological function. 

So while you cannot change your DNA, you can alter your epigenetic signature through lifestyle modifications, in a way that stimulates or inhibits the expression of desirable or undesirable protein-coding genes. 

One of the fascinating aspects of epigenetics is the concept of biological epigenetic age [4]. It’s a measure of how your epigenome changes over time and can be different from your chronological age. Profiling your complex epigenome with Muhdo’s DNA Transform kit can provide valuable insights into how your lifestyle choices and experiences are influencing your biological age, and the rate at which you are ageing on the inside [5].

By understanding your epigenetic profile, you can make personalised lifestyle changes, uncover disease predispositions, and embark on a preventive medicine journey to slow down or even reverse the biological ageing process. It’s a promising approach to not only increase your healthspan but also enhance your overall quality of life.

Expanding Options for Personalised and Preventive Health

In addition to their leading genetic and epigenetic profiling tests, Muhdo also has an evidence-based, Personalised Brain Training programme, designed to activate and strengthen  fundamental cognitive skills with brain plasticity [6].

Furthermore, Muhdo’s healthcare testing range also includes a Face Age Analysis [7]. Using a quick in-app photo, it evaluates 12 key skincare factors, including hydration, skin tone, wrinkles, pores, acne, eye bags, and perceived skin age. This analysis, backed by advanced AI technology trained on extensive skin and face data, provides valuable insights to enhance your skin’s health and appearance, allowing for proactive interventions.

Data-Driven Preventive Medicine: Advancements in Muhdo’s Research Platform

Bioinformatic health tech companies are revolutionising health data analysis. Research platforms play a pivotal role in P4 medicine, enabling researchers and data scientists to leverage rich datasets fully. The significance of possessing a vast and diverse database in research cannot be overstated, as it allows for more comprehensive analyses. With data from various ethnic backgrounds, researchers can identify patterns, trends, and genetic variations that might be missed in smaller or more homogenous datasets. This diversity enhances the generalisability of research findings to broader populations.

Muhdo’s research platform, for instance, leverages a robust data analytics system and an extensive dataset with diverse data types from over 20,000 individuals, including genotyping, DNA methylation profiles, lifestyle questionnaires, tracking data, AI-scanned facial data, and cognitive function assessments. Approximately 3,000 individuals within this dataset have undergone multiple DNA methylation tests, long-term tracking, and extensive questionnaires, making it a valuable resource for advancing preventive medicine.

Muhdo’s platform empowers researchers to conduct comprehensive analyses of gene methylation patterns. They can link gene methylation data with genotyping, tracking data, drug and supplement usage, lifestyle factors, and cognitive assessments. This correlation is crucial as it reveals epigenetic modifications affecting gene activity. Understanding the interplay between DNA methylation and genetic variations may uncover the molecular underpinnings of health and disease. This integrated approach identifies potential biomarkers, therapeutic targets, and personalised medicine strategies. 

Additionally, researchers can easily explore specific CpG sites with a click or by delving into specific genes. Investigating CpG sites is vital as they govern gene regulation and expression, providing insights into various biological processes, diseases, or traits, facilitating a deeper understanding of specific genetic mechanisms.

Muhdo’s platform launched its first research project earlier this year. Currently, the first research paper is in the preprint stage, with three additional projects in progress. These ongoing projects are dedicated to exploring the fascinating links between DNA methylation and critical aspects of health, including ageing, cognitive function, and the potential effects of nutritional supplementation.

Researchers who utilise this platform can benefit in various ways, including cost-effective genotyping and DNA methylation testing options using either small or large arrays, or whole-genome sequencing. Additionally, the platform facilitates instant correlations with survey responses, tracking data, blood test results, and other physiological assessments. Furthermore, it enables researchers to correlate new subjects with existing cohorts and even compare public research findings against the platform’s cohort using machine learning and artificial intelligence models.

Research platforms like Muhdo’s empower data-driven studies in preventive medicine, advancing health insights and enhancing wellbeing strategies, at both the individual and societal level.

The Importance of Health Profiling and Preventive Medicine for Individuals and Society

The disparity between life expectancy and health expectancy continues to widen with each passing year [8]. While our overall lifespan is increasing, a growing portion of our lives is spent in states of poor health. Moreover, as our environment changes, our health and lifestyle needs are evolving, necessitating further research to mitigate the risks associated with age-related diseases and enhance both physical and mental wellbeing throughout our lifespans.

By aiding individuals in comprehending their unique genetic makeup, epigenetic biological age, and offering more accurate predictions of their future health, Muhdo is playing a key role in effectively bridging the gap between consumer wellness and technology. 

It grants more people access to their personal health data, empowering them to take actionable steps that significantly impact the quality and duration of their lives. 

As a greater number of individuals proactively manage their health and wellbeing through lifestyle modifications, the emotional strain on family members with loved ones in poor health diminishes, and the economic burden on healthcare systems and economies working to address preventable age and lifestyle-related health issues is lessened.

We look forward to collaborating with Muhdo to inspire people, using their own data, to personalise their lives to achieve their health goals.