“Intellectuals solve Problems, Geniuses prevent them”
– Albert Einstein

The Network for Preventive Medicine

Prevention and Healthy Ageing across the Lifespan

The European Society of Preventive Medicine works at the intersections of basic research, clinical medicine, and public health with a focus on the prevention and prediction of chronic and ageing-related diseases (noncommunicable diseases, NCDs) across the lifespan.

The European Society of Preventive Medicine (ESPM) is a not-for-profit organization to facilitate research and advancements in the field of preventive, predictive, personalised and participatory (P4) medicine.

We are currently rejuvenating the Society with many changes to come. If you are interested in preventive medicine, healthy ageing or longevity science, please sign up for our newsletter or contact our office.

European Society of Preventive Medicine Sessions at VitaFoods Europe 2024, Geneva, Switzerland

ESPM hosted 3 keynote talks and 2 panel discussion sessions at the recent VitaFoods Europe 2024 Conference in Geneva on 14 and 15 May. The talks were given by Michael Sagner, (ESPM Executive Director), James Kinross (Imperial College London) and Jordana Bell (King’s College London). Panel discussions on “Preventive Medicine and Longevity Science: from Cell to Society” and “The Gut Microbiome in Healthy Ageing: Shedding Light on Dark Matter” were moderated by Richard Siow (ESPM Secretary General, Director of Ageing Research at King’s College London). Together with Taylor & Francis, the Society also pre-launched the Journal of Preventive Medicine and Longevity Science, which will be open for submissions soon.

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