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Better Medicine for the 21st Century

The European Society of Preventive Medicine

The European Society of Preventive Medicine (ESPM) is a not-for-profit organization to facilitate research and advancements in the field of preventive, predictive, personalised and participatory (P4) medicine and to integrate a systems-biology approach in modern health care.

We are a Fellowship of leading international researchers, clinicians and experts; a Society to facilitate research and advancements in the field of P4 medicine; preventive, predictive, personalised and participatory.

Predicting and Preventing Diseases. Personalised and Participatory Medicine.


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Mission of the European Society of Preventive Medicine

The Society was created to promote preventive medicine with a focus on preventive approaches for chronic diseases. Chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer and metabolic disorders (type-2-diabetes, obesity) are now the leading cause of death and disability on the planet.

The mission of the Society is to improve individual and population health by developing and disseminating effective health promotion and chronic disease prevention and management strategies, and to promote and facilitate interdisciplinary research, education, and community outreach.

The Society works to:

  • Shift the emphasis in medicine from reaction to prevention
  • Endorse a Systems-biology approach in medicine
  • Promote a P4 Medicine approach: Prevention, Prediction, Personalisation and Participation
  • Unify the academic community around prevention and systems biology-driven health-care
  • Empower academics and young researchers
  • Translate scientific research into clinical interventions
  • Address the underlying mechanisms and causes of diseases
  • Support the development of new pharmaceutical, biological and technological interventions to prevent, detect and for early treatment
  • Support healthy lifestyles to prevent diseases
  • Educate health professionals about preventive medicine and systems biology
  • Work to detect diseases at an earlier stage
  • Support the development of new interventions

Join the scientific and medical revolution. Become a member of the European Society of Preventive Medicine.